Gold Pinky Rings That Are Totally Lavish

adminSeptember 1, 2014
womens gold pinky ring
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Gold pinky rings are divine for its heavy settings that create lavish and fabulous look for the entire appearance. For those who aim for prestigious and luxurious look, this kind or ring is perfect to show off your personal taste and wealth. Since its setting will be so full with diamonds that define the characteristics […]

Antique Gold Engagement Rings That Are Authentic

adminAugust 31, 2014
yellow gold antique engagement rings
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Antique gold engagement rings are romantic and these rings are chosen by those vintage couples who want to show their endless love in their engagement days and then that romance will continue up to their weddings. Those authentic rings are classic and antique which have deep meaning and the meaning is utilized as good charms […]

White Gold Promise Rings That Are Charming

adminAugust 30, 2014
white gold promise rings for men
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White gold promise rings have divine and unique shaped bands which make many women adore these kinds of rings. The bands are unique because on the setting, the bands look like connected and twisted then the twisted bands become the characteristics of these rings, moreover promise bands have that unique bands which give more texture […]

Mens White Gold Wedding Bands That Are Totally Minimalist

adminAugust 29, 2014
white gold wedding bands men
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Mens white gold wedding bands are usually simple and minimalist because men usually do not want the complex and too crowded motifs on their bands. Minimalist style fits for men because compare to women’s band, for men the bands are better with less motifs or patterns. Sometimes the bands can be so flat and plain […]